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Arguing with Boyfriend? – 3 Stupid Mistakes Women Make

Tempers flare and we lose our cool every now and then. Of course fighting isn’t fun, but you’ll probably and up arguing with your boyfriend sooner or later. However there are just somethings that you really should never do or say under any circumstances.

Arguing with Boyfriend Blunder #1 – Telling Him You’re Pregnant

Sometimes women think that telling a guy she’s pregnant will get him back. Even if it’s true, this tactic doesn’t work. The idea of starting a budding new family together might be enough to melt the sheets of ice around a woman’s heart, but if you’re already on rocky ground with your man this is a very bad move.

First of all, he will feel trapped by you. If he is angry or unhappy with you, the last thing he wants to feel is that he is trapped with someone that makes him feel angry and unhappy.

Second, if it’s true and you are knocked up, then odds are good he’s going to only feel scared and try to get you to have an abortion. Contrary to what we see on sitcoms, most men aren’t bumbling idiots and they know that having a baby isn’t going to fix a damaged relationship.

And if you’re lying, he will find out sooner or later. Do you really want him to think you’re dishonest and manipulative on top of everything else he already accuses you of?

Arguing with Boyfriend Blunder #2 – Telling Him You Cheated

Okay, so you’re pissed off and you want to hit him where it hurts. I’ve been there. But seriously, what good is this going to do? Telling this to a man only makes him feel naive and stupid for trusting an easy woman like you.

That’s right, even though you might be trying to make him feel inadequate, you’re essentially just telling him that you like to sleep around. This isn’t exactly the reputation that most women strive to attain, and I’m pretty sure you’d be happier avoiding this as well.

Arguing with Boyfriend Blunder #3 – Telling Him His Johnson Doesn’t Measure Up

Again, you want to avoid treading these waters. If this is an attempt to make him feel bad, you’ll probably succeed. The only bad part is that, you’ll only be cutting yourself down too.

You’ll end up looking like a shallow woman that cares more about size than the motion of the ocean, if you know what I mean. Essentially this is just going to brand you as the female equivalent of the guy that leers at every woman with a D cup. This isn’t what a classy woman does, this is what a sleazy woman does.

These 3 arguing with boyfriend blunders are surprisingly common ways that women just end up screwing themselves over when they’re trying to get the upper hand in a heated argument. I know it can be hard, but you have to act with composure and present yourself as a classy woman. It may be tempting to try to humiliate your boyfriend, but it’s important not to tear yourself down at the same time.

Plus, the more stupid things you say, the more damage you’re going to have to fix if you want to save your relationship. I know it’s hard to do so in the heat of the moment, but you need to keep a long-term view. Ask yourself “is this something I’m going to regret saying later?” before you blurt it out. login
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