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When you are thinking about a funny question to ask a girl you may be pretty confused about what you are supposed login to do to get a girl laughing.

Every guy knows if he can get a girl laughing in the right way he can most likely at least get his foot in the door. Knowing you need AdultFrinendFinder to do something and knowing how to do it are two very different things. There are a few different approaches that you can take when it comes to a making a girl laugh and be at ease.

To start it’s important to understand the importance AdultFriendrFinder of sexual tension. This is that feeling of flirting and chemistry a girl feels’ when talking to a guy she likes.

Use Cocky-Funny: One of the ways is being “cocky-funny” You would AdultFrienedFinder login ask a girl a question that is a little arrogant but it is still funny. Doing this may make login her a little confused by you… but in a good way. She will be interested in learning more about you and what you are all about.

If you are in an odd place or if she is reviews doing something funny you could say to her “Come here often?” so that you can make her laugh. This is a great way to show that you are thinking on your feet and that you have a funny personality.

Treat Her Like a Brat: Another way to think of “cocky-funny” is login to think of the girl not as someone you are trying to impress, but AdultFrienedFinder to think of her as you would the slightly annoying younger sister. Feel free to slightly tease and even make fun of her, but you want to do it in a way that she will never be really hurt or upset. You want to keep a girl off balance and have her wondering if “you like her” and there fore taking steps to try to make you like her.

Here are a few funny examples:

You are sitting around a lodge that has deer heads on the wall. You say to her “So I see you shot Bambi over there?” Most likely she is not going to be the one that shot it but she will think that you are funny. If she did shoot it the joke is on you and that provides for even better conversation.

There is a girl sitting by herself drinking a drink. You could say “Can I sit here or is this a no trespassing zone?” This is a borderline, “bad pickup line”. But not too over the top. The whole point of opening lines, pickup lines or whatever you use is to get the girl talking, and hopefully laughing. Going with a real sleazy pickup line brings up too many negative connotations you will have to work against, but a slightly humorous one like that can at least get the girl talking.

You are at ski resort and she bites the dust and get a big face of snow. You could ask her “Does it taste as good as it did when I had a face full 10 minutes ago?” You will catch her off guard before she can put her walls up again and you will make her laugh and not feel like such a goof since you have done it as well.

Now you can see that it is not that difficult when it comes to a funny question to ask a girl. Just use your imagination and all of the different things that are happening around you so that you can get the best reaction out of the girls that you are trying to pick up.

Using Humorous Questions: Even a bit of humor at her expense, if said with a charming smile can work to your advantage. Your lines should be unique. Not 4-5 funny ones you memorize. A canned line will not impress her. It need to be spontaneous. So much of the funny questions you should as a girl are dependent. They depend on the girl, on the situation, wether she is alone or with friends and much more.

The secret really lies with the tease. Remember you want to tease her and make her laugh, but never insult or degrade her. The best thing you can hope for is something unique that becomes an “in” joke between the two of you. If you get that it can be the source of many other jokes as well as a way to know that you have her attention and affection.